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Signal and Image Processing Laboratory (SIPL)

Signal And Image Processing Laboratory


The vision of Signal and Image processing lab (SIPL) is to implement a mission system capable of presenting fused data from Radar, EW and Video sensors. SIPL focuses on projects that are aligned towards its vision.


SIPL Main Lab Photo


Project life-cycle followed in SIPLThe responsibilities of SIPL includes Algorithm design, Embedded software, Hardware implementation and System integration. The figure on the right shows the Project Life-cycle followed in SIPL.

Focus Areas:

In Radar Signal Processing we are currently working on implementation and simulation of real-time algorithms for:

  • Range-Doppler processing.
  • Range-Doppler-Angle processing.
  • Data processing.
  • Target tracking.
  • Plot extraction and display.
  • Task generation and Scheduling in multi-functional radar.

In EW signal analysis we are focusing on:SIPL Lab Photo 5

  • Spectrum scanning.
  • Direction finding.
  • Classification of digital modulations.

Hardware & Software capabilities:

In terms of Hardware and Software capabilities, SIPL has:

  • MATLAB FPGA tools.SIPL Lab Photo 7
  • LabView.
  • LabView FPGA tools.
  • Xilinx tools.
  • Multicore DSP cards.
  • Xilinx and Altera FPGA cards.
  • National instruments based Vision and Image processing system.
  • SWIR camera.
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