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Autonomous Vehicles Laboratory (AVL)

Autonomous Vehicles Laboratory


Autonomous Vehicles Laboratory was established with the objective of building indigenous capabilities in the field of unmanned autonomous systems (UAS). Current lab activities span several areas such as flight control units, communication systems, ground control systems and various payloads such as gyro stabilized platforms.


AVL Main Lab Photo


Our state of the art research and development facility incorporate many advanced tools for modeling and simulation.

AVL Lab Photo 2AVL Lab Photo 3Hardware Capabilities:

  • Embedded system development.
  • PCB Design and prototyping.
  • UAV Airframe manufacturing.
  • High power RF transceiver implementation.
  • System Integration.
  • Software Capabilities.

AVL Lab Photo 4AVL Lab Photo 5Expertise in software development under different programming environments/languages for various applications such as:

  • Digital signal processing (DSP) algorithms.
  • Cryptographic algorithms.
  • Embedded systems.
  • Control and navigation algorithms.
  • Current Projects - UAS Subsystems.
  • Robust flight control and management algorithm.
  • AVL Lab Photo 8AVL Lab Photo 7AVL Lab Photo 6GPS based Auto Navigation.
  • Long range RF Communication Modules.
  • Encrypted UAV communication link.
  • Portable GCS Hardware and Firmware.
  • GUI (PC Based) ground control station.
  • Gyro Stabilized Platform using AVT and Geo-pointing.
  • IFF Decoder.

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