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ATEP-04 Course Information

ATEP 04 - Advanced Radar EW Technology


This course aims to impart an appreciation of the capabilities, techniques and applications of modern radar electronic warfare. It provides an advanced level of analysis of radar EW techniques appropriate to today’s radar EW systems.


This course assumes that students have attended “Introduction to Radar / Modern Radar Systems” and “Introduction to Radar Electronic Warfare / Radar Electronic Warfare Technology” or have an equivalent background in radar. It is recommended that students have a strong background in maths. Advanced Radar EW Technology is pitched at master’s degree level.

  • Engineering officers seeking an in-depth knowledge of modern radar EW techniques,
  • Defence personal involved in the procurement or specification of radar EW systems,
  • Radar and Radar EW equipment design engineers and other defence industry senior engineers with a background in radar EW,
  • Master’s and doctorate level students in mathematics, science or engineering subjects,
  • University academic staff seeking an in-depth knowledge of modern radar EW techniques.

** To know more about the course and its content, please download the brochure.


Last updated on : January 12, 2023 3:46am