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ATEP-07 Course Information

ATEP 07 - ISR Systems and Operations Course


The aim of the course is to enhance an understanding of Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) systems so that the knowledge may be used to support operations. The course will focus on the principles of ISR and build a solid foundation of knowledge, linking ISR to other elements of the operations of armed and security forces.


The course assumes no prior detailed knowledge on the subject, however the students should have an understanding of the operational and/or the intelligence domains of armed and security forces. Students should be proficient in the English language.

  • Military Operational staff,
  • Military Intelligence staff,
  • Ministry of Interior (MOI) personnel,
  • Users of ISR systems such as Unmanned Aerial Systems,
  • Governmental agency personnel involved in Intelligence,
  • Governmental personnel involved in Operations,
  • Border Force Operations and Intelligence personnel.
  • Academics and developers of ISR systems.

** To know more about the course and its content, please download the brochure.


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