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Electro-Optics Laboratory (EOL)

Electro-Optics Laboratory


The Electro-Optics Lab was established in 1431 H (2010) with an aim to engage in design, manufacturing and testing infrared and electro-optical sensors, focal plane arrays and camera systems. The lab also aims to educate a new generation of engineers, in the above named technologies who will be the driving force for technological advancement and innovation in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


EOL Main Lab Photo


Focus Areas:

In the Electro-Optics Laboratory we perform in-house design, simulation, fabrication, and characterization for our devices and systems.

The research and development activities of Electro-Optics lab are currently focused in the following areas:

  1. Microbolometers for infrared and millimeter wave detection.EOL Lab Photo 16EOL Lab Photo 17
  2. Infrared and millimeter wave antennas.
  3. Infrared and millimeter wave sensor materials.
  4. Metal-insulator metal diodes.
  5. Infrared and electro-optical imager testing.

Facilities and Equipments:

EOL Lab Photo 4EOL Lab Photo 5Our facilities include:

  • Simulation software
    • COVENTOR for MEMS simulation.
    • HFSS for antenna simulation.
  • Electronics
    • Agilent 35670A signal analyzer (122 µHz - 102.4 kHz).
    • Ametek 5210 lock-in amplifier.
    • An assortment of electronic lab equipment (DC power supplies, function generators, DMM, etc.).
    • EOL Lab Photo 6EOL Lab Photo 7Custom-built electronics: We build in-house custom low noise circuits for sensor bias and readout.
  • Semiconductor Characterization
    • Agilent B1500 semiconductor parameter analyzer with I-V and C-V measurement capabilities.EOL Lab Photo 8EOL Lab Photo 9
    • Cascade Microtec EP6 DC parametric probe station. 
    • Vecco Dektak 150 surface profilometer for thin film profile measurements. 
    • JANDEL multiHeight four point probe.
    • Sentech infrared spectroscopic ellipsometer.
  • Micro/nano Fabrication
    • A 22 m^2 softwall clean 1000 cleanroom.
    • EOL Lab Photo 10EOL Lab Photo 11Zeiss Scanning electron microscope (SEM) with Raith Elphy Quantum nanolithography module for electron-beam lithography.
    • NXQ 4004 contact mask aligner for photolithography.
    • AJA International magnetron sputtering system for deposition of thin metallic and non-metallic films.
    • Diener Electronics reactive ion etcher and plasma asher.   
    • FELCON fume hood with BOE etch bath.
    • Olympus MX51 semiconductor inspection microscope.
    • EOL Lab Photo 2EOL Lab Photo 3Hybond ultrasonic Wire Bonder.
    • ATV RV129 manual wafer scriber.
    • Brewer Science CEE 200 spin coater.
    • Brewer Science C1300 hot plate.


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