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ATEP-03 Course Information

ATEP 03 - Introduction to Radar Electronic Warfare


This course aims to impart an appreciation of the capabilities, techniques and tactics of modern military radar electronic warfare equipment. It provides a basic level of analysis between the operational parameters of radar electronic warfare equipment and its effect on a victim radar and of the techniques which a radar may employ to preserve its operation in the presence of the efforts of electronic warfare equipment deployed against it.


Students should have successfully completed the “Introduction to Radar” short course, or its equivalent. This course assumes no prior knowledge of the subject matter, however, it is recommended that students have a background in maths, science or engineering. Students should be competent in high-school level mathematics

  • Military technicians,
  • Engineering officers new to the subject of radar electronic warfare,
  • Defence personal involved in the procurement or specification of radar electronic warfare systems,
  • Radar electronic warfare users and operators,
  • Defence industry technicians and graduate engineers,
  • Engineering management requiring an appreciation of radar electronic warfare,
  • Graduate students in mathematics, science or engineering subjects.

** To know more about the course and its content, please download the brochure.


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